About Food-Grade Plastic

Polypropylene is characterized by:
• high melting temperature;
• neutrality in interaction with liquids, acids, etc. (thus, safe for food products);
• resistance to loads.

Polypropylene is ideal for creating durable items, ranging from protective car parts to medical instruments and gear. It is widely used for packaging food products, from baby food to medical preparations.

Speaking of disposal, like many other thermoplastics, polypropylene can be melted down and turned into plastic pellets, which are then used to produce new products, thus protecting the environment from pollution.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) - a versatile type of plastic since the 1930s in the UK and the 1950s in the USA. HDPE is created by combining ethylene molecules, hence 'poly' and 'ethylene'.
We encounter daily containers and packaging made of HDPE for food, beverages, personal hygiene products, and household goods. The list of applications is enormous; remember: it's universal and popular.